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Site News 3/25/2014

Happy Spring!

In celebration of our five year anniversary, we are very pleased to bring you Reunion Part 1 and Reunion Part 2

These two amazing packs feature EVERY model we've ever used!

We figured there's no better way to mark this milestone than to take a look back at all the amazing models that have graced Heather Effect over the past five years. From fan favorites like AJ and Angela, to long-retired girls like Parker and Rayne, to our newest faces like Megan and Callie.

JT has been working around the clock to make this collection as beautiful and as unforgettable as the models it features, and he's definitely pulled it off and then some.

So join us in the celebration and pick up Reunion Part 1 and Reunion Part 2 today!



Pinup Packs 37 & 38: Reunion Part 1 and Reunion Part 2

Now Available!

Site News 10/28/2013

Hi guys, JT here!

I'm very happy to announce that Heather Effect's own, Jessica Porter (Jess) has just launched her very own YouTube Channel!

Aptly titled Judgment Girl, the channel is a total labor of love for Jess.

She's working on loads of content and it all promises to be funny, sexy, twisted, and very Superheroine-centric!

So I'm asking everybody to please, please give her a hand getting started.

Subscribe to her channel, like, share, comment-all that stuff!

As always, we love you guys and appreciate all the support you've given us over the past four years!

Our good friends over at are working with us on this, so please check their awesome site out.

If you want to be part of the fun, you can submit questions, topics, and ideas for future videos to too!

More Heather Effect goodness is on the way, so stay tuned and thanks for the helping hand.

(Jess is really hot by the way...)


Judgment Girl YouTube channel

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Site News 10/28/2013

Trick or treat!

As a special treat just for you guys, we're happy to bring you Pinup Pack 32: Halloween 2013

This beautiful, stylish collection features dozens of JT's best images. all you favorite Heather Effect girls are here, so show us some spooky love and grab your copy today!

Stay safe and have fun waiting for The Great Pumpkin!


Pinup Pack 32: Halloween 2013

Now Available!

Site News 10/5/2013

Happy Autumn!

Well, SHE'S BACK! That's right, one of our most popular creations, Angela Rays, returns in Pinup Pack 31: Ultimate Angela 2

JT has pulled out all the stops yet again and delivers an absolutely jaw-dropping set of over 100 images of this stunning beauty!

Show our resident master some love and pick up Ultimate Angela 2 today!



Pinup Pack 31: Ultimate Angela 2

Now Available!

Site News 9/4/2013

Hi Gang!

Summer break is over and we're back kicking ass with GATM: Ascension Episode 4

Ascension's second trilogy starts things off with a bang-lots of super powered, scantily clad evil beauties doing their thing! Super strength, heat vision, super breath-we covered all the bases this time around :)

If you loved the first 3 episodes of Ascension, you will REALLY love part 4!

Big announcements coming soon, so stay tuned!



GATM: Ascension Episode 4

Now available!

Site News 7/23/2013

Howdy guys!

We're happy to bring you the third issue of GATM: Ascension

Great response to the first two issues; definitely made us eager to get number three out ASAP!

This beautiful, sexy, crass story means a lot to us and we're humbled by the excellent feedback we've been getting from you guys.

Ascension 3 concludes the "first chapter" in a much larger story and it contains the same over-the-top humor, T&A, and crazy violence you've come to expect from us mental cases here at Heather Effect!

We'll see you very soon with more goodies, until then : CRUSH THE WEAK!



GATM: Ascension Episode 3

Now Available!

Site News 7/13/2013

Look who's back!

We're very pleased to announce the release of God Answers To Me: Ascension

It's definitely the right time to bring back our original beauties for another round of twisted Superheroine antics and Ascension gives you all that and more!

This time around we really wanted to do something that represented what we do here at Heather Effect; something that gave back to the amazing folks who have supported us of the past 4 years, and what better way to do that than bring back Angela, AJ, Aeryn and the rest of the gang!

We love the new girls we've created over the last few months, but our originals will always have a place in our hearts!

Ascension is a totally over-the-top, obnoxious, violent, twisted, and often times hilarious romp of a tale that we're sure our longtime supporters will love!

JT tops himself as usual and the girls have never looked better. He's given them numerous subtle tweaks to make the gals sexier than you've ever seen them before!

Issues 1 and 2 are both available now, so have it y'all!


God Answers To Me: Ascension

Now Available!

Site News 6/16/2013

Happy Father's Day, or something!

We figured it's due time that our seven newest firebrands got their very own release, so we present unto you: Pinup Pack 39: New Faces

At 226 images, this is our biggest Pinup Pack yet and it represents the very best of JT's insane abilities.

See Dominion's Jayce, Dax and Matrix, Judgment Girl's Danni and Callie, and Temptress's Diana and Megan in a whole new light!

Nonexistent tops, Daisy Dukes, fingerless gloves, Fuck-me pumps-all the trademarks of why we love JT's pinup art!

Show this astounding artist some love and pick New Faces today!

We'll see y'all real soon with some more sexy Superheroine action!



Pinup Pack 39: New Faces

Now Available!

Site News 6/3/2013

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Hi guys!

We are very, very excited to bring you a brand-spanking-new series: Dominion

Set in the beloved Star Wars universe, Dominion represents something we've wanted to do since Heather Effect's inception! (Yes, we DID research the legality of doing this!)

This time around we're introducing THREE gorgeous new models, all of which are among JT's best work to date! Even the robots have big boobs!

The Sci-fi setting really allows us to show the gals destroy their victims in some new and interesting ways and it feels great to mix things up a bit.

As always, JT really has topped himself yet again; Dominion's artwork is possibly the most beautiful we've ever put out!

So buckle up and enjoy this GIGANTIC release! (165 images!)

Let us know what you think! Until then, May The Force be with you!!!




Dominion Episode 1

Now Available!

Now Available!

Now Available!


Now Available


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