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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why don't you offer refunds for your products? See Answer

Question: I need to download a product I've purchased, but the download link has expired, what can I do? See Answer

Question: Are your products compatible with Macs? See Answer

Question: I'm wondering if your products are suitable for my son/daughter who is under 18 years old? See Answer

Question: How do I view the product I just purchased? See Answer

Question: I'd like to offer some intelligent feedback directly to your artists, how do I contact them? See Answer

Question: What programs do your artists use? See Answer

Question: I'm interested in seeing a custom story; are your artists available for commissioned work? See Answer

Question: I'm an artist/writer; how do I join your team? See Answer

Question: Is there any chance we'll see some video content from The Heather Effect soon? See Answer

Question: I'm a webmaster interested in linking with your site; who can I talk to? See Answer

Question: My favorite thing is Superheroines in Peril! When can I expect to see that here? See Answer

Question: I just can't get past the over-the-top look of your characters; any chance of going with more realistic women? See Answer

Question: Have your writers ever thought about doing something longer, like graphic novels? See Answer



Answer: We don't offer refunds simply because this is a creative venture and we can't guarantee that our work will appeal to one's personal taste. We do guarantee that you will receive all products you've paid for no matter what! We'll do everything we can to ensure that all technical issues are resolved, downloading issues are fixed, and all promises we've made to you are fulfilled!  TOP

Answer: If you need us to reset any download links for products you've purchased, please drop us a line at: (Be sure to include a copy of your receipt!)  TOP

Answer: As far as we know, ZIP files and HTML documents should work just fine on a Mac computer. If you run into any problems, let us know and we'll look into the matter for you. TOP

Answer: Our products are absolutely not suitable for individuals under the age of 18! TOP

Answer: To view a comic you purchased, simply extract the ZIP file to a directory of your choice. In the comic's folder, simply double-click the HTML pages to view them in your default Web Browser. Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to move from page to page and feel free to click on any panel with a red border around it to see the full-size image without talk bubbles. In the "images" folder you'll find the full-size images by themselves along with outtake images that weren't used in the comic. In the "pages" folder you can view the comic pages as images instead of HTML files.

If you've purchased a picture pack, simply extract the contents of the ZIP to a directory of your choosing and enjoy the view!

As always, let us know if you require additional assistance. TOP

Answer: Contact our artists directly at the following addresses:



Ray-Ray: TOP

Answer: Our artists use a variety of high-end 2D and 3D programs including: Carrara, Vue, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, VRay, Photoshop CS4, Quidam, and ZBrush. (Poser and DAZ Studio are NOT used by our artists!) TOP

Answer: At this moment our artists are not taking commissions. TOP

Answer: If you're an artist interested in joining our team, send some samples of your work to for review. Our quality standards are very high, so do a good job :) TOP

Answer: For as much as we'd love to make animated shorts, it's simply not even remotely possible at this point. Hopefully some day... TOP

Answer: If you'd like to discuss setting up reciprocal links with us, please contact: TOP

Answer: Will we ever do Superheroines in peril? F**K NO!  TOP

Answer: The look of our women is a creative choice and we're sticking to it. We understand that it's not for all tastes, but it sure as heck sells! TOP

Answer: We actually have a few graphic novels in the works, we're just not ready to talk about them just yet... TOP




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