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Welcome To The Heather Effect!

Dominion Episode 1
 The Heather Effect
 The Heather Effect
 The Heather Effect
 The Heather Effect
 The Heather Effect

Synopsis: In a time of galactic unrest, a dark forces rises in the outer rim...

Two young peacekeepers struggle to come to terms with their powerful abilities. Meanwhile, a beautiful, yet deadly dark warrior threatens the very core of The Republic.

Our sexy, violent, action-packed new series set in the Star Wars universe!

Featuring 3 stunning new models: Dax, Jayce, and Lord Matrix!

Special extended issue!

Content: 51 pages, 165 images (up to 1280x960)

Requirements: HTML Browser, program for extracting the contents of a ZIP file




Warning: This product is intended for personal viewing only and may not be redistributed in any part without the written consent of the authors. All included content is protected by international copyright laws.

Warning: Included images may contain violence, artistic nudity, strong language, and adult themes. Only adults over the age of 18 may purchase this product.

Warning: This is a very large file! (87 MB) Please be patient while it downloads!

There are no refunds for this item.



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