Heather Effect Comics


In the mystical fantasy realm of Edgeworld, a covenant of demons breaks out of Hell and unleashes their incredible powers on a once-peaceful world.

Known only as The Harbingers, the demons have taken the form of powerful yet beautiful warrior women; and they won't stop their path of destruction until all of Edgeworld lies in ruin.

If you prefer your girls on the buff side, then Edgeworld is just for you...

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Something Wicked...

Something Wicked tells the tale of Alicia, one of the original 8 vampires, cursed by God and empowered by Satan himself.

Join Alicia as she cuts a bloody swath throughout history, crushing all who oppose her, both human and vampire alike.

One by one, the girls of The Heather Effect will join Alicia and together, their ultimate goal of bringing about the Vampire Apocalypse may just be realized...

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